Need A New Car....

And Don't Know Where To Start? We Can Solve the Problem and Save You Time, Money, and Aggravation!

Auto Buyers Service is not a registered new motor
vehicle dealer but is a registered automobile broker business as defined
in section 415 of the vehicle and traffic law:

  • The registration number issued to the automobile broker business # 7124043.
  • Fees may be imposed by Auto Buyers Service for services rendered.
  • Details of such compensation shall be provided by
    Auto Buyers Service upon request by the consumer.
  • No warranty repair services will be provided by Auto Buyers Service.

    Shopping for a car is a difficult and time consuming process. Most people have neither the time nor the inclination to do the research that is necessary to make the smartest purchase.

    Auto Buyers Service will walk you through the decision process, by helping you answer these important questions:

    • How much can I afford?
    • What size and type of car do I need?
    • What options are important to me?
    • Should I buy or lease?
    • Should I buy a new or used car?
    • What are the best models in terms of price, reliability, performance, resale and economy of operation?
    • Which car offers the best value for the money?
    • Where do I shop for best price and service?
    • Where do I get the best interest rates?
    • Should I trade in or sell my own car, and how much is it really worth?

    " Our approach of providing personal, professional guidance throughout the entire buying process is unique and uncommon in today's business environment."