Services We Provide...

We Offer A Complete Range Of Services To Help You Purchase Or Lease Your Next Vehicle

  • EVALUATING your personal transportation needs.
  • DETERMINING how much you can afford.
  • RECOMMENDING the best vehicles in your price range, new or used.
  • ARRANGING test drives, when necessary.
  • HELPING you locate the car of your choice.
  • NEGOTIATING the best possible price for you whether buying or leasing.
  • ADVISING you on the best finance plan for your particular circumstances.
  • ADVISING or helping you sell or trade your car for the true market value.
  • ARRANGING all the details of delivery.

Buying or leasing a new or used vehicle is a major investment. Would you invest your money without good advice? You can avoid the pitfalls of an expensive mistake by letting us help you choose the right vehicle for you and negotiate the best possible price.

Let Auto Buyers Service Do All The Work, Providing You With Maximum Convenience And Security.


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